PhotoBooth Digital Centre - INNOVATION

All Digital Centre's PhotoBooths have adapted to the new technologies of our digital age, allowing user interactivity creating a memorable experience.

At Digital Center we have a research center that follows the motto; “If we can imagine it, we can achieve it.” We do not put limits on the machines functionality and that is why we have a wide range of products that adapt to the needs of each customer.

The ever changing environment has propelled the company to adapt to new times. This is why we have utilized all necessary resources to convert our products to the next-generation PhotoBooth, where the user has the opportunity to enjoy everything that the new smart era has to offer.

Exclusives Features of Our PhotoBooths

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MyPhotoCode APP cloud customize smartprint
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Innovation, Technology, Instantaneous and Secure

DC proudly offers our exclusive and unique QR-PHOTO Technology. A QR code prints to each strip to enable the user to retrieve your photos anytime, anywhere from any Smartphone. Or you can simply print them again anytime, anywhere from any DC PhotoBooth.
Each code is unique and private to that user and is sent to a virtual cloud.

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Retrieve all your photos in any DC PhotoBooth

QR-ID is an exclusive and personal QR code for each user. This unique code links all users photos to their account, and they to all Digital Centre PhotoBooths, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Each user has their own personal unique QR-ID stored into their Smartphone.

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Protection from identity theft!

Do you worry about someone seeing your personal information and passwords?
DC understands the importance of your privacy and, has created this exclusive feature to our customers and yours!

Secure transmission without having to type an email, passwords or personal data.

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On time control of your PhotoBooths

With our special APP, you can retrieve audits, reports, and alerts in real time. It will also let you know about the status of the film, if the cash box is full, and its location. Featuring an interactive map where you can see your location, and the location of your PhotoBooths.

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Free APP for iOS and Android

This is the first social network application for PhotoBooths. Simply download the App to your Smartphone and begin sharing your fun photos with friends, family and DC's PhotoBooth users worldwide.

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Your video and photo safe storage

The Cloud is a virtual place where patrons can keep their photos and videos taken on DC’s PhotoBooths, and share them on social networks, or send them by email.
You have the option to customize the Cloud with your own look and your own corporate logos and capture the email addresses for commercial purposes.
DC offers a customizable cloud for you, to create events online, manage and customize them, as well as adding advertisements.

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Customizing your PhotoBooth and the Cloud

It gives you the most advanced customizing options for your company. These powerful marketing tools allows you customize decals, screens, music, photos, and advertising.

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Print your SmartPhone's photos in any DC PhotoBooth

We are within a new era in photography where people take more photos than ever via phones and tablets, however, no one prints them. Our PhotoBooths are ready to print them easily.
Available only on DC’s PhotoBooths, SmartPrint is an added value that will generate additional income. More revenue!

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Generate revenue without the need to print photos

DC has created an advertising platform where patrons who visit the PhotoBooth will receive impact advertisements. An exclusive service of DC that will allow you to create even more income.
The Advertising Platform illustrates ads that users will see while they take their photos. An advertising module that will surely generate additional income.

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Capture the attention

An exclusive service of DC that will allow you to create even more income. In addition to grab the attention of passerby’s, DC offers a new Advertising Sign and a LED Sign (Las Vegas Sign), which displays advertisements along with captured photos via its luminous appearance.

Put a captivating sign on your PhotoBooth!

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MEGA 3D photo strip (6x16")

The Mega 3D is the most complete PhotoBooth equipped with 14 cameras and 14 computers, with capacity for two printers and a range of up to 1,200 patrons, with 2 bill acceptors and credit/debit card reader.

With a Mega 3D video display on the exterior and multiple products and prints multiple formats.

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Grab it and go

THE PROFESSIONAL foldable PhotoBooth with the smallest dimensions in the Market.

Incredibly easy to move, lightweight, and a lifetime durability. This attractive two-screen PhotoBooth is a draw at any event because it’s easy to adapt to any space or height.

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The new Green Screen Experience

There are dozens of Green Screen products on the market, but none like the DC Green Screen Studio.
Quality, portability and price are the main hallmarks of this superior product.

DC brand is synonymous of Innovation and Quality.

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Full booth built in LED Technology

The LED Revolution is the combination of PhotoBooth technology with interactive LED screens that show videos, photos, advertisements and much more.
With the LED Revolution you can customize the screens to fit a bride and grooms wedding or give that corporate client the branding they desire. From advertising in a bar, nightclub or restaurant to the bride and grooms name in lights, the LED Revolution has the wow factor to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Log in and enjoy the possibilities

Digital center provides access to all your tools in one place:
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· SUPPORT: Manuals· 24 hours online support
· APP's: MyPhotoCode APP (for users)· Remote control PhotoBooths (for owners)
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Go and enjoy the possibilities!

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Ultraportable range · Lighter and stronger materials

A range with small dimensions and aluminium made.
I-Go Kids, Sweet I-Go, Mini I-Go, I-Go, offer a wide range of ultraportable PhotoBooths that are designed for all types of events.

This range of ultra-light PhotoBooths is specially designed to suit any space and have an easy mobility.

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