The LED Revolution is one of the most notable technological advances of recent years in the field of PhotoBooths. The new system based on LED technology has been a revelation and has obtained the best critiques from the experts at the international reputation expos like the IAAPA in USA and the EAG in Europe. Two of the most dazzling PhotoBooths of the LED Revolution family are the Eclipse PhotoBooth and Panther Revolution.

The REVOLUTION integrates a huge external LED screen of almost 6 feet. A screen that shows the photos taken inside the PhotoBooth. Customers can see their photos at a huge size of almost 6 feet that will leave them captivated.
In addition, this innovative PhotoBooth can play ads, custom videos, motion graphics, texts, and everything else to capture the attention of users and get extra income in addition to an endless entertainment.
The user interaction with the PhotoBooth is also possible thanks to a system that allows customers to instantly upload a video recorded with their smartphone and play it on the huge screen in full view of the world.
Spectacular attraction never seen before in a PhotoBooth.
A great advantage for Digital Centre customers is that they can upgrade their classic NG Panther PhotoBooth to this new LED technology and make their business much more profitable.

The Eclipse PhotoBooth is a unique PhotoBooth model with an attractive curved design. This PhotoBooth has a curved exterior LED screen of almost 12 feet where it shows photos, videos, adverts, animated text, motion graphics and photos taken inside the PhotoBooth
It is easy to customize the external screen with dynamic animations that capture the attention of the public, and also allows users to upload videos with their smartphones and play them instantly on the huge LED screen. The reaction of users who tried this tool has been very exciting; they have felt like stars seeing themselves in the big screen.
We have noticed that this interactivity causes the user to have a very good feeling that they crave to repeat. This is so mind-boggling that users take photos of the PhotoBooth while their photo is displayed on the large outside screen.

Be seduced by the latest technology. A very advanced technology tool for fun and business to reach the top. It BRIGHTS UP any location with its full body build in LED technology.

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