A 2 dimensional photo is not always as it appears. The point of view can play tricks on the mind. Face 3D offers an extra dimension, printing a photo strip with your unique and amusing moments. You can also view your 3D photo strip on your Smartphone, offering a truly unique 3D experience to keep and to share.
The Face 3D PhotoBooth comes equipped with the highest technology, which in return creates this innovative result. The 3D experience is supported also by the patented QR-Photo Technology and Share Secure software.
Click here to watch a demo.
The New Britta Expression software is loaded with new updates which will make the PhotoBooth an entertainment tool, offer efficiency, and create an abundance of laughs.
With this new software, each play is different. The user will experience something different each time because there is a vast combination of themes and products. Each one offers a different animation that makes each play more entertaining than the one before.
Wondering why you should choose Digital Centre? Be different, be DC!
DC has created an Advertising Platform where users who visit the PhotoBooth will receive impact advertisements. An exclusive service of DC that will allow owners to create even more income.
In addition to grab the attention of passerby’s, DC offers a new Advertising Sign and a LED Sign, which displays advertisements along with captured photos via its luminous appearance.
Put a captivating sign on your PhotoBooth!
The highest photo quality.
The improvements on our PhotoBooth are limitless, and we appreciate and consider all suggestions received from our valued clients. Well, you spoke and we listened... that is why this year we have made the move to DSLR. We now offer DSLR cameras in our New Generation PhotoBooth. Offering our loyal clients professional quality photos with the optimum results they deserve!
This product is particularly recommended for the PhotoBooth’s professionals.
We have all had those exceptional moments we wish would last longer.
Well now you can extend these moments in Slow Motion!!
The Slow eMotion PhotoBooth presents a fun interactive game you can share with friends, while still capturing the priceless expressions of all players.
Join in on the Slow Movement!
There are dozens of Green Screen products on the market, but none like the DC Green Screen Studio.
Quality, portability and price are the main hallmarks of this superior product.
DC brand is synonymous of Innovation and Quality.
I-Go, I-Go Kids, Sweet I-Go, Mini I-Go (from left to right in the picture), offer a wide range of ultraportable PhotoBooths that are designed for all types of events. These attractive designs are loaded with our fun and entertaining software that capitalize on fun memories.
This range of ultra-light PhotoBooths is specially designed to suit any space and have an easy mobility.
Ideal for those event management companies who want to provide their customers with high quality products, customized to meet all your PhotoBooth needs.
An array of simple, functional, and intuitive tools created to save you time.
Digital Centre offers owners their own Cloud to control and manage their PhotoBooths and Events online.
MyPhotoCode is a very intuitive tool which will provide all Digital Centre owners updated information of their PhotoBooths at anytime and anywhere.
DC has also activated a Photo Online Store so that patrons can print a trendy accesory with their photo.
MyPhotoCode puts the PhotoBooth in your hands.
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