Mega 3D title

The Mega 3D is the most complete PhotoBooth that can be found in the market today because it performs multiple products and prints multiple formats. It’s equipped with 14 cameras and 14 computers, with capacity for two printers and a range of up to 1,200 patrons, with 2 bill acceptors and credit/debit card reader. With a Mega 3D video display on the exterior and a spectacular Vegas Sign.

A 2 dimensional photo is not always as it appears. The point of view can play tricks on the mind. Mega 3D offers an extra dimension, printing a photo strip with your unique and amusing moments.
You can also view your 3D photo strip on your Smartphone, offering a truly unique 3D experience to share and keep.

The Mega 3D PhotoBooth comes equipped with the highest technology, which in return creates this innovative result.
The 3D experience is supported also by the patented QR-Photo Technology and Share Secure software.

What is the Mega Strip?
It is a strip of 4 photos already known, but 8 times larger than normal. The traditional photo strip measures 2x6” while the MEGA strip measures 6x16”. With this Giant photo strip patrons are willing to pay more and thus achieve higher revenues for the owners.