qr id title

QR-ID is an exclusive and personal QR code for each user. This unique code links all your photos directly to you, and you to all Digital Centre PhotoBooths, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

Each user has their own personal unique QR-ID stored into their Smartphone. Another remarkable feature of the QR-ID Code and Digital Centre together, is the ability to retrieve archived pictures from the virtual cloud, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! This feature is easily accomplished by scanning the QR-ID Code image from your Smartphone onto a Digital Centre PhotoBooth camera (when prompted) and view/print all pictures you have ever sent to the virtual cloud by that user. AND…once that PhotoBooth knows your QR-ID (from scanning), it will automatically upload all other pictures taken that day to your personal cloud gallery and your Smartphone. Remarkable, right?


Easy! Download MyPhotoCode APP (for iOs and Android) and in your profile area you can find your QR-ID.

To store photos in this APP and print after, you only have to scan the QR-Code of your photos and they will store into MyPhotoCode directly!