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Find all the manuals, photos and much more related with your PhotoBooth. *Only for PhotoBooth owners.



A Qr is a new type of barcode that can be read directly from any Smartphone.

QR-PHOTO is an exclusive and Unique QR Code to each print. You are able to get your photos Anytime, Anywhere from any Smartphone; or print them again Anytime, Anywhere from any Digital Centre PhotoBooth.

Exclusive and Personal QR Code to each user, that links all your photos to you, and you to all the Digital Centre PhotoBooth. Anytime, Anywhere. All users have their own QR-ID into their Smartphone.

Share Secure is an exclusive service that Digital Centre offers in every PhotoBooth. It ensures reliable delivery of photos via the Internet to guarantee a safe and private transmission.*

*Internet connection is required for Share Secure.

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It’s a cloud space where you can create and manage your events online. Through can create, edit, and customize your event and customize your PhotoBooth.

It’s a Smartphone application created for users. With this APP users will see, on his/her Smartphone, all the photos taken in any Digital Centre PhotoBooth, no matter when or where the photo was taken. Users can instantly post on Facebook or email, and post at the Wall. The Wall is the nationwide place where all users can post their photos and see what other users from other locations do.

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It’s a Smartphone application created for Digital Centre PhotoBooth owners. They will control all their PhotoBooths remotely and on time. It has an interactive map where you can see your location, and the location of your PhotoBooths. It will warn you if any PhotoBooth is running out of film, cash box full, or if they are not working properly.

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Print the photos of your SmartPhone in the PhotoBooth. That’s an exclusive service of Digital Centre PhotoBooth.

We are manufacturers, we don’t rent PhotoBooths, but we will put you in contact with any of our customers offering the best and highest quality service. Please send an email to saying the event type to do and where it should be performed.

There are multiple payment options for your PhotoBooth: Cash, Tokens, CreditCard and SmartPhone.

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– 10 years on Film.

– 2 years on PC (new product)

– 1 year on other components

Yes. You can buy film through us, any of our distributors or online. We have an online store where you can buy whatever you need.

Visit our online store on:

Yes. There are endless possibilities in customizing your PhotoBooth. You can customize the PhotoBooth decals, the screens, the photos printed, the music, the cloud… etc.

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Only use Mitsubishi CK9046(DC) paper / ink ribbon set in the printer. Use of other paper / ink ribbon will cause software malfunction, poor image quality, and/or printer damage.