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The Cloud is a virtual space, unique and made exclusively for you, where all your customers will visit to retrieve their photos and video messages, post them on Facebook, Twitter, or send to email.

When your customers scan the QR-Photo with their smartphone, they can get their photo instantly from the cloud. You can customize the cloud with your logo, name, background and design, to appear as you choose. You can also capture all of the emails for marketing purposes.


The cloud can capture all emails from your clients to use for marketing purposes. Such as "Thanks for visiting (company name) PhotoBooth" "We look forward to seeing you again soon!" Or offer a discount, just for showing the photo strip on their next visit. The marketing possibilities are endless!!

DRIVING ATTENTION TO YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT: You can set up the cloud to send all customer photos to your company Facebook account, driving traffic to your Facebook account.

Digital Centre offers your very own private virtual cloud where you can create and manage your events online. Through, you can create, edit, and customize your PhotoBooth and event.

This section provides the latest news related to the PhotoBooth along with news and improvements DC has to offer.
A more personalized profile featuring easier identification. Here contacts are classified in different categories to facilitate your search.
- Location map
- Activate Smartphone payment
- Alerts
- Periodic reports of PhotoBooths
Configuration and management of events in the most visual and intuitive way. The Cloud offers the option to customize the background of the page, the advertising banner, and add the title for each event.
All sent emails, along with the email address of users, are captured from the PhotoBooth to create a personal database for promotional purposes.
Information about the PhotoBooth status and all its components in real time:
- Film
- Cash
- Offline
- Printer
- Camera
- Control board
24 hours Online Support.
Direct access to a website that will assist you in resolving any technical issues and/or questions that you may have.