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Do you worry about someone seeing your personal information and passwords? Digital Centre understands the importance of your privacy and has created this exclusive feature for our customers.

Share Secure works with any of our internet ready PhotoBooths. It ensures private, reliable delivery of your photos via the Internet, which are then stored directly on your personal virtual cloud. You will never be asked to type your personal email, address, passwords, etc., while using a Digital Centre PhotoBooth. This protects you from unsafe public terminals where third parties may steal your personal information.

Share Secure: Secure transmission for your photos without typing any email, passwords or personal data into a public kiosk.

• Automatic & secure identification.
• Sends instantly to all your personal networks (Facebook, Twitter, email).
• All private data and passwords remain confidential in your Smartphone.
• The PhotoBooth never requires any password or email from you.


Minors are a large part of PhotoBooth users. Are they secure when typing private data in a public area?
The best feature since PhotoBooths started sending photos to the Internet...

Nowadays, the majority of PhotoBooths send photos over the Internet.
It's all so safe as we think? The answer is no!
Every year there are hundreds of cases of identity theft, scams, account lockouts, reception of spam, viruses, etc.
Here’s an example: Imagine that you are with a friend in a PhotoBooth and you want to send the photo to your email address or share the photo on Facebook. The majority of PhotoBooths make you enter your personal data, or login to your account while at the PhotoBooth. You are typing your personal information in a public terminal where third parties could access and steal your data, and you are writing your password in the presence of another person. This is not the secure method.
Therefore, Digital Centre now introduces Share Secure. You won't have to type your email address to log on to Facebook or Twitter because our PhotoBooths will send the photos to your Smartphone, and it’s up to you how you want to manage the photos securely.

Share Secure is a service that DC offers in all their PhotoBooths.* It ensures reliable delivery of photos via the Internet to guarantee a safe and private transmission.

You can view and share photos and videos through your phone or computer without having to provide personal information to the PhotoBooth.
You don't have to enter your details exposing yourself to unsafe public terminals where third parties may steal information, passwords, or identities.

Reduces the risk of identity theft. There are many real cases of identity theft and it is imperative for DC to preserve the privacy and safety of its users.

Protects confidential information like email address, telephone number, home address, etc., because you never type your personal information on any DC PhotoBooths.

Assures users that the information will be sent to the recipient securely.

Never have to type your details over and over again.

Probability of error is zero because everything is from your Smartphone. How many times do users make typing mistakes when entering their email address? Or how many times do they forget their password? Your Smartphone has all of your personal data, and all your photos and videos will arrive safely, confidentially, and without any error.