Safe Panther

Safe Panther

Great Innovations that will protect everybody from viruses.


ION Air Purifier

  • STARLIGHT, Kills 96.4% PM2.5 bacteria.Removes PM2.5 96.4%
  • Bacteriostatic 80%
  • Free Ozone
  • SGS Certification

Equipped with an ION Air Purifier to eliminate viruses that may have been trapped inside.

Smart Curtains

  • Touchless Safe Curtains

The Smart Curtains Opens and Closes automatically when customers are detected, eliminating any contact.

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Smart Smell Experience 

  • Smell marketing technology

Built it with Smart Smell Technology leaving a pleasant odor in the Photobooth. It’s a Good Smell Experience for patrons.

Customize the PhotoBooth

Safe Panther

Customize the Prints

 Custom Frames

 Text on the side of the print

 Custom collages

 Add your logo

Safe Panther

Customize the screen interface


● Images Adverts 


● Welcome / Bye screens

Safe Panther

Customize the Cloud

● Background

● Banner advert to link to any website

● Name of Display


Customize the shell

● Custom Decals