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1. What is the QR?2023-08-11T11:10:21+00:00

A Qr is a new type of barcode that can be read directly from any Smartphone .

2. What is the QR-PHOTO?2023-08-11T11:11:05+00:00

QR-PHOTO is an exclusive and Unique QR Code to each print. You are able to get your photos Anytime, Anywhere from any Smartphone; or print them again Anytime, Anywhere from any Digital Centre Photo Booth.

3. What is the QR-ID?2023-08-11T11:11:46+00:00

Exclusive and Personal QR Code to each user, that links all your photos to you, and you to all the Digital Centre Photo Booth. Anytime, Anywhere. All users have their own QR-ID into their Smartphone.

4. What is SHARE SECURE?2023-08-11T11:13:43+00:00

Share Secure is an exclusive service that Digital Centre offers in every Photo Booth. It ensures reliable delivery of photos via the Internet to guarantee a safe and private transmission. *Internet connection is required for Share Secure.

5. What is

It’s a cloud space where you can create and manage your events online. Through can create, edit, and customize your event and customize your Photo Booth.

6. What is MyPhotoCode APP?2023-08-11T11:15:17+00:00

It’s a Smartphone application created for users. With this APP users will see, on his/her Smartphone, all the photos taken in any Digital Centre Photo Booth, no matter when or where the photo was taken. Users can instantly post on Facebook or email, and post at the Wall. The Wall is the nationwide place where all users can post their photos and see what other users from other locations do.

7. What is Photo Booths APP?2023-08-11T11:16:10+00:00

It’s a Smartphone application created for Digital Centre Photo Booth owners. They will control all their Photo Booths remotely and on time. It has an interactive map where you can see your location, and the location of your Photo Booths. It will warn you if any Photo Booth is running out of film, cash box full, or if they are not working properly.

8. What is Smart Print?2023-08-11T11:16:39+00:00

Print your SmartPhone’s photos at any DC Photo Booth. Available only on DC’s Photo Booths, SmartPrint is an added value that will generate additional income, which means more revenue.

9. Can I rent Photo Booth?2023-08-11T11:17:54+00:00

We are manufacturers, we don’t rent Photo Booths, but we will put you in contact with any of our customers offering the best and highest quality service. Please send an email to saying the event type to do and where it should be performed.

10. What payment options does the Photo Booth accept?2023-08-11T11:18:18+00:00

There are multiple payment options for your Photo Booth: Cash, Tokens, CreditCard and SmartPhone.

11. What warranty I have when I buy a Photo Booth from Digital Centre?2023-08-11T11:19:03+00:00

– 10 years on Film

– 2 years on PC (new product)

– 1 year on other components

12. Can I buy film, parts or others accessories for the Photo Booth online?2023-08-11T11:19:55+00:00

Yes. You can buy film through us, any of our distributors or online. We have an online store where you can buy whatever you need.
Visit our online store on:

13. Can I customize my Photo Booth?2023-08-11T11:20:47+00:00

Yes. In our Photo Booth service, we give you the opportunity to personalize every detail. From backgrounds and accessories to frames and specific details, you can create a unique photographic experience tailored to your needs.

14. What kind of Film can I use?2023-08-11T11:21:12+00:00

Only use Mitsubishi CK9046(DC) paper / ink ribbon set in the printer. Use of other paper / ink ribbon will cause software malfunction, poor image quality, and/or printer damage.

15. What maintenance is required for coin-operated photo booths?2023-11-07T11:24:25+00:00

Our coin-operated photo booths necessitate regular inspections to guarantee that the camera, printer, and coin mechanism are functioning at their best. Essential tasks include replenishing photo paper, ensuring film integrity, performing regular cleanings, and updating software. These measures ensure an optimal user experience and prolong the booth’s operational lifespan.

16. What ROI can I expect from purchasing a coin-operated photo booth?2023-11-07T12:02:56+00:00

ROI varies based on booth location and foot traffic. However, with strategic placement and promotion, many operators see a full return on their photo booth investment within months.

17. Do you offer training or support for new photo booth owners?2023-11-07T12:03:58+00:00

Yes, we provide comprehensive training for new operators, ensuring they’re well-versed in booth operations, maintenance, and best practices to maximize profits.

18. How long does it take for the photo booth to print pictures?2023-11-07T12:04:55+00:00

Depending on the model and settings, our high-quality photo booths typically print photos in 15 to 60 seconds, ensuring a swift service for users.

19. Can I customize the photo booth with my branding or design?2023-11-07T12:05:34+00:00

Absolutely! We offer tailored customization options, so the photo booth complements your brand or event theme seamlessly.

20. What security measures do your photo booths have to safeguard collected money?2023-11-07T12:06:14+00:00

Our coin-op photo booths are equipped with high-security locks, providing top-tier protection for your earnings.

21. What payment methods do your photo booths accept, aside from coins?2023-11-07T12:08:02+00:00

While traditionally coin-operated, many of our photo booths can be upgraded to accept digital payments, including credit cards, mobile payments, and even QR codes, catering to a wider audience.

22. How do you ensure user data privacy if photos are shared digitally?2023-11-07T12:08:37+00:00

User privacy is paramount. Our photo booths are designed with secure protocols, ensuring that shared photos are temporarily stored and then deleted, protecting user data and ensuring GDPR compliance.

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