Thank you all for your great support at the IAAPA Expo. We take the opportunity on this special day to thank you for your trust and for being by our side all these years.

2022 is proving to be a year with great results; our Photo Booths have a higher rate of sales than previous years. The LED VideoWall Photobooths had proven to bring profits and Innovation together, becoming the most demanded Photobooths for trendy locations. The new mirror photo booth with selfie, SmartPrint (print phone photos) and Facebook applications is revolutionizing the hospitality and nightlife industry. For that reason, this year we have evolved the software by launching a new version of Britta v4 at IAAPA, that includes great advances such as augmented reality technology applied to the Photo Booths, software in 6 different languages, a fun making-of video of the photo, extra-large 6×9” photo, new trendy frames and collages (more than 100 new designs) and many more improvements that make the player experience much more immersive and fun.

The success obtained and the great reviews received motivates all the DC Team to continue working hard in the same direction and to be able to keep innovating.

Thank you for trusting Digital Centre

Happy Thanksgiving!