Yeah, Retro is Cool. 16 bits, video and pixels, arcades, cathode ray TVs. For the millenials that have only known SmartTVs and SmartPhones, Photo Stickers are Back!
One Play is 2 SETS of 6 Pre-Cut Stickers + 2 extra Bigger ones, each set. 

A software with many surprises, such as animated frames and automatic props thanks to the technology applied to the Augmented Reality photo booth.

A Fun photo product everybody likes.



DC offers a customizable cloud where you can create events online, manage and customize them, as well as adding advertisement.
You are also able to capture email addresses for commercial purposes.


DC understands the importance of your privacy and has created this exclusive feature for our customers and yours!
Secure transmission without having to type an email, passwords or personal data.


This PhotoBooth has multiple payment options: cash, tokens, credit/debit card reader and smartphone payment option.
If customers in a shopping mall happen to spend all their cash on shopping, they can still use the PhotoBooth and pay in different ways.

Digital Centre PhotoBooths come equipped with a Digital camera 10Mp. DC cameras offer a higher resolution than the competition therefore, the results are always exceptional.