Surfing Malibu

Surfing Malibu
Surfing Malibu
Surfing Malibu

⦿ Outdoor PhotoBooth

⦿ Ideal for Amusement Parks, malls, tourist areas…

⦿ Gold-Class outcomes Premium PhotoBooth

⦿ Real Wood House

⦿ Smart Curtain

⦿ Durable for a lifetime

⦿ Fully social media connected

⦿ Fully customizable experience

Customize the PhotoBooth

Surfing Malibu

Customize the Prints

 Custom Frames

 Text on the side of the print

 Custom collages

 Add your logo

Surfing Malibu

Customize the screen interface


● Images Adverts 


● Welcome / Bye screens

Surfing Malibu

Customize the Cloud

● Background

● Banner advert to link to any website

● Name of Display


Customize the shell

● Custom Decals

Surfing Malibu