Mini I-Go


Crafted for portability, making it ideal for varied event spaces.

Ensures longevity and a sleek aesthetic appeal.

Delivers superior photo quality, surpassing industry standards.

Intuitive navigation for a user-friendly experience.

Create and manage personalized online events, with integrated advertising capabilities.

For commercial purposes, enhancing marketing outreach.

Prioritizes user privacy with secure photo sharing without needing personal details.

Quick photo retrieval and reprinting anytime, anywhere, directly from a user’s mobile device.

Discover the Mini I-Go Photobooth: sleek, ultra-compact, and designed for mobility. Crafted in durable aluminum, it’s the ideal companion for event managers. Beyond its stylish exterior, it offers intuitive touch navigation, exceptional 10Mp photo clarity, and DC’s advanced QR technology for quick photo access. Plus, with DC’s customizable cloud, you can create personalized events and advertise seamlessly. Experience convenience and quality with the Mini I-Go.

Multiple Frames and Formats

  • Color, Black & White
  • Frames and Collages
  • Season, Standard and Custom designs

Customize the screen interface

  • LOGOs
  • Images Adverts
  • Music
  • Welcome / Bye screens

Customize the Cloud

  • Background
  • Banner advert to link to any website
  • Name of Display


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