Panther Revolution


Craft and manage online events with tailored advertising.

Efficiently capture emails for business purposes.

Prioritized privacy with seamless, secure sharing.

Immediate photo access with unique QR codes on every strip.

Exclusive QR identifier linking users to all their photos.

Accommodates cash, tokens, card payments, and smartphone transactions.

10Mp camera ensuring superior photo quality.

Option to record and share videos through the cloud.

Touchscreen functionality for easy navigation.

Eye-catching, customizable LED displays for diverse content.

Introducing the Panther Revolution Photo Booth: an innovative combination of DC’s classic and timeless photo booths, perfect for various locations. Our unique QR-PHOTO technology ensures that memories are just a scan away, captured with precision by a 10Mp camera. This setup facilitates effortless sharing and introduces potential revenue streams, supported by diverse payment options. The experience is significantly enhanced by a striking LED VideoWall, making every photo capture an immersive experience.

Customize the Prints

  • Custom frames
  • Text on the side of the print
  • Custom collages
  • Add your logo

Customize the screen interface

  • LOGOs
  • Images Adverts
  • Music
  • Welcome / Bye screens

Customize the Cloud

  • Background
  • Banner advert to link to any website
  • Name of Display

Customize the shell

  • Custom Decals


Contact with us

If you want to contact us or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the following form or by phone, we will be happy to help you!